Got to see one of my favorite people in Nashville today - my dear friend Chuck Beard -  at our lovely unique East Side Story bookstore. If you're in Nashville, you really do need to stop by and visit with Chuck. The store only stocks books by Nashville/Tennessee authors. It's wonderful, and I'm honored to be shelved there. 

Ran a million errands this morning, and briefly went front door shopping. I say briefly, because we were stymied by a rather uncooperative salesman - and I use that term loosely - who couldn't give us a price list for the door we wanted because someone had to come out to the house and measure first. He didn't understand we'd brought the measurements already, and knew exactly what we needed, because our contractor gave them to us. Sigh. New meaning to obtuse angles, yes?

After much teeth gnashing (and clear procrastination) finally settled down and wrote the outline for YARD OF GRAVES. Catherine and I have already plotted the whole book out, I know what's happening, I've started writing, but we still needed an outline. I suck at outlines. And synopses. I have to write one of those tomorrow. Wail. 

But said outline is done, only five pages longer than it was supposed to be, and I'm happy with it, and CC will snit, and we'll have something fabulous to work with, and all will be well in the world.

UT made a game out of their outing with Georgia, which was quite fun. Haven't gone to a bar to watch a UT game in a long time, it was nice to be among the orange brotherhood for the second half. (I was starving. There was a bar nearby. Don't judge.)

And now to read, and then to bed, and up an at the copyedits tomorrow. Picking them up and knocking them down.  

Sweet dreams!  


J.T. Ellison

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