Superb, albeit crazy, day. Secret project is outta here, and of course, as it went away, in came the copyedits for WHEN SHADOWS FALL. And there's that pesky outline that needs to be written for YARD OF GRAVES. And a synopsis and bio... all due Monday. Yeaaaaaaahhhhh. 

So in response to this excessive, unnatural, and some may say untoward overstimulation, my poor, taxed little brain said, "STOP EVERYTHING. LAY ON THE COUCH AND WATCH VAMPIRE DIARIES."

And so I did.

Today was a day of being wrong. Writer Barbie did math, and came up quite short, much to everyone's amusement. Who the hell decided that a 12 scale must be used to measure height?

And apparently I had the title wrong on Nora Ephron's book. It's actually titled I FEEL BAD ABOUT MY NECK. What's interesting is she uses the word hate, quite liberally, when discussing her neck, and various other things she really, really, really didn't like. I'm kind of a wuss when it comes to using the word hate. I must feel quite strongly toward a person, place, or thing to use it. So my taxed brain just replaced the slightly nicer words of the title with her own from the book. Strange how the mind plays tricks like that. 

Anyway, I finished the book. It made me sad. It made me worry about getting older. It's an inevitability that these things will happen - these things, they do 'appen - so I am going into the weekend with great joy and bliss that as of this moment, I do not feel bad about my neck. As a matter of fact, I kind of like my neck. But believe me, I will be slathering it in La Mer from here on out, so we don't run into that problem down the road. That is all. 

Probably time to open some wine. A long working weekend ahead. Happy Friday to you.

Sweet dreams! 



J.T. Ellison

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