Decent work day today, considering it's Sunday. Finished the copyedits on WHEN SHADOWS FALL - hit a small snafu so hopefully that will be worked out tomorrow. I do feel sorry for my Canadian copyeditors--if the amount of red is any indication, Southern speak must drive them up the wall. 

Copyedits are a tricky thing. Grammatically correct verbiage isn't necessarily right for the story, or for the writer. It's a constant push and pull for me, because what's technically correct isn't necessarily how people talk, think and sound. And commas. Dear God, the commas. I put them in when I wanted the reader to mentally pause. It gives a certain rhythm to the text. I think to this poor CE, it must have looked like I was just employing the Oxford comma at will.

And I am not a fan of the semi-colon, either. They should be used sparingly, only if absolutely necessary. There's still too many but thank goodness there's one more shot at the book before it goes to the proofers and printers. We'll be able to make sure that between the two of us we haven't screwed things up too badly.  No matter what, errors manage to make it into the finished product, which drives us all batty, because we try so very hard to make things perfect.

Wrote a synopsis, and updated my bio.  Contemplated the proposal for my next Sam books as well. I need to get that polished and sent in. I like the story, it will be a fun one to write.

Then was completely possessed with an unholy urge to lay out my clothes for the trip this week. What trip, you ask? Well, YARD OF GRAVES has a section set in Scotland, and intrepid writer Barbie must go do some research. It should be a fine week. There are several sweaters in the stack on my dresser. I do hope there's room for them all. 

Taped the game, don't know how my Titans did yet. DH had to run to his parents, so I await his return with breathless anticipation so we can watch. Sadly, can't watch my Broncos either, because I'll find out the score of the Titans game. Oh, the sacrifices we make...

Off to read and contemplate dinner. Sweet dreams! 




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