From Then to Now

It's astounding how much can change over the course of 15 months.
I have another blog that's going to be a huge hit-- MURDERATI.
I have an agent. The first book, originally titled The Spirits Within, got the attention of a fantastic New York agent a few months after that first post. He changed the name to CROSSED and took it to market. It didn't sell. What a blow.

In his inestimable wisdom, he suggested I write a new book. I did. I took four months and wrote an entirely new book, a continuation of the characters from CROSSED that could function as a stand-alone. ALL THE PRETTY GIRLS is out to market now, and I just know it's going to sell.

I've also branched out with my writing. I've done some short stories now, with moderate success. PRODIGAL ME won Honorable Mention in the Writer's Digest Popular Fiction contest. X is forthcoming from Demolition Magazine. I'm contributing as often as I can to Flashing in the Gutters.

So things change as time passes. Being a writer isn't a static thing. If it is, you're doing it wrong.