Spent the day working hard on the secret project, which is now done (Hurrah!) and just needs one last look see before it flies away to its temporary northern nest. No idea of word count, probably 2000 today, mostly edits. Fingers and wrists feel rather sore, so maybe more than that. Should have taken note before rather than later. Derp.

Had a nice writerly day with fellow author Jennifer Brooks, some Chinese for lunch, a couple of intense hours writing tails off this afternoon. I like these little mini-retreats. It's fun to get together with friends and work. We're actually quite good at NOT chatting and goofing off.

DH is bringing dinner home, the love. I know there is laundry in the wash, and a research movie that must be watched, but it's 7 now and I'm tempted to wait until tomorrow, watch the last episode of Dexter, and crashola with a book. I am reading I HATE MY NECK by Nora Ephron, which is alternately horrifying and hilarious. 

We'll see. The siren's call of responsibility is hard to resist... 

Sweet dreams! 



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