Sunday Smatterings

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Greeting, salutations and warm Sunday hellos!

I come to you from the land of surgical recovery. Went under the knife Thursday morning. The first couple of days were not at all fun, because the surgeon had to do more than anticipated -- he found two tears, one “significant” in the meniscus, one in the plica surrounding the tendon, and some nasty arthritis which he smoothed away. But the knee is starting to knit and heal. I can put some weight on it, and stretching is starting to feel good instead of murderous. I get to take off the surgical dressing this afternoon, and replace it with bandaids. Trust me, that will feel very good. I hope to go downstairs tomorrow. And physical therapy starts Tuesday. And showering. Oh, my kingdom for a hot shower. 

Despite the fine ministrations of Nurse Husband, who has been incredible, feeding, watering, and entertaining me at regular intervals, I am about to go out of my mind. I’ve been stuck in bed, leg elevated, cushioned by down alternative and weighted by cats for three days now and I’m amazed at how very bored I’ve been. I’ve tried reading, watching movies, magazines, even a little work, but it’s being stuck in bed that has me rolling my eyes. I’m ready for this to be over, for sure. Let me do something. ANYTHING!

The minions, on the other hand, love this. There are mountains of pillows to snuggle on, a warm, bored mom who is happy to chat and scratch, even the gentle purr of the ice machine which seems to make them feel safe and happy. 

Regardless, I’m feeling very blessed that things have gone so smoothly. I was quite nervous about this one. Should see a full recovery within a few months. And of all the strange things, one of my golf/yoga buddies had the same surgery with the same doctor the same morning, but we only found out because I heard the name called in the waiting room as I was prepping to go back for mine, and went huh, what are the odds?  So we’re getting to be rehab buds. 

With that, let’s check out the somewhat truncated links (because the pain pill just kicked in…🤪!)

Here's what happened on the Internets this week:

Crime Fiction as Self-Care. "The insular act of reading lets you into a story but keeps you safe, putting you just out of reach of a world full of troubles."

Rare library book returned after 80 years. It's never too late to return a library book!

Keanu Reeves Is Too Good for This World. I’ve always loved Keanu. His simmering kindness and self-containment is so very attractive.

16 Twisty Books Like Big Little Lies by Liane Moriarty. LOVE seeing NO ONE KNOWS on this list. And if you missed it, we did a cover reveal this week for the upcoming mass market paperback (Sept 24)!

This Cincinnati Bookstore Operates from the Bed of a Vintage Volkswagen Pick-Up Truck. Nothing like a good bookmobile.

Step inside 'Leninka,' Russia's largest and oldest library. Gorgeous photos and such an interesting history.

Blackwing Eraser Hack-a-Thon. Depthcharge Nerd Alert, but so cool!

How Social Media Movement Subway Book Review Changed How We Look At Books. “While its main mission is to help its 225,000 social media followers discover new books, places and people, Subway Book Review delves deeper and shows us to never judge a person by their book cover. Beutter Cohen has become a documentarian of the underground and someone who is dialed into the American and international cultural scene.”

What I’m Reading:

MAN OF THE YEAR by Caroline Louise Walker

Beautifully written and deviously plotted—the very best kind of story. MAN OF THE YEAR is a stellar literary suspense, exploring the chasm between truth and lies, identity, love, hate, and the pursuit of self, and how a moment’s decision can undo a perfect world. Caroline Louise Walker is a remarkable new voice to watch. Give me more! On sale Tuesday. What are you reading?

That’s all for now. Take some time today for a nap, read a good book, put in a few more herbs, and I’ll see you next week!

peace and hugs,