Sunday Smatterings

Sunday Smatterings 4.29.18

Welcome to Sunday, gentle readers. Time to grab some tea, kick up your feet, and lazily read my favorite reads of the week.

Here's what happened on the Internets this week:

15 of the best Shakespeare tattoos. Which one is your favorite? I'm partial to #2, myself.

How to Make a Fruitfly Orgasm. Most interesting headline of the week, for sure...

This Joan Didion essay will change the way you think about keeping a journal. "Keepers of private notebooks are a different breed altogether..."

"Ask Benedict to say the word 'penguin.' " Oh my, this is priceless. I love a man who can laugh at himself!

Time management Monday: Just Don’t Do It. Fabulous advice. This is how I prune my To Do lists.

The best method for cooking asparagus is 2000 years old. If it ain't broke...

Advice to writers: You can't write what you wouldn't read. Brilliant advice from Queen Nora.

And closer to home:

The LIE TO ME ebook is only $2.99 until tomorrow! Dirt cheap, y'all—less than a latte, and maybe provides a little more adrenaline.

10 of you can win a copy of THE SIXTH DAY from Shelf Awareness! Throw your hat in the ring on this one. 

That's it from me. Y'all give a treat to the neighborhood cat, send a just-because card to a friend, and we'll talk again soon.



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