Sunday Smatterings

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Hello, friends! A fun week has drawn to a close. Toured Chapel Hill with my BFF from high school, took part in a great panel on Villains at the Chapel Hill Library (thanks to Tracy Babiesz, Susan Brown, and my fellow panelists Mary Kubica, Tony Tata, and Grady Hendrix - it was wonderful!) had two dinners with excellent writer friends in two states, spoke on two panels at a writer’s conference in Nashville… and did lots of prep and planning and research for ROL! (Join the Literati if you want to know the title… exclusives, baby!)

And of course — A THOUSAND DOORS is now out into the world! Check out the fun giveaway below…

I’ve been having issues with the blog today, so forgive me if this is truncated. (I wrote a huge expose on the week and it was eaten by the ether, so this one’s a little shorter…)

Let’s take a look at the latest and greatest links!

Here's what happened on the Internets this week: 

7 Expert Tips and Tricks for Organizing Your Home Library. Great suggestions! I’m thinking about bringing my rainbow scheme to the office next…

How to Manage Your Seasonal Depression. One of the best articles I’ve seen on managing SAD, including my favorite trick, upping your Vitamin D intake. 

Hundreds form human chain to move their local bookstore. That's the spirit!

Few things make me happier than a new blog post from my preternaturally talented BFF Ariel Lawhon.

The rise of Lululemon: How America became a nation of yoga pants. Full disclosure, I don’t own any Lululemon after that body image flap, but I do spend 90% of my waking life in yoga pants, and found this fascinating.

The bookshops of Scotland. Anyone else feel the need to plan a visit? Me. Now!

Develop Good Writing Habits with These 5 Effective Tips.  Habits are how you have a career as a writer. Get to it!

The Three Scientific Reasons You Shouldn’t Check Your Notifications. “In the same way that those tobacco companies were at fault for promoting something they knew was bad, social media companies are willingly and knowingly taking advantage of a resource they’ve commodified: our attentions. They’ve made us invested using our emotions. Although many of us know now that it’s bad for us, we’re so far in that it’s hard to get out. None of this is accidental.”

And closer to home:

A THOUSAND DOORS is now here! In honor of its release, we’re giving away a $100 gift card to Parnassus Books, my hometown bookstore and a wonderful place to shop—either in person or online.

That's all for now! Start laying in your Thanksgiving supplies, order your holiday cards, gets your kitties some Dr. Pussums magical feline elixir (it’s industrial strength catnip and my girls love it) and I’ll see you next week!

peace and hugs,