Dark and Twisted Reads

Dark And Twisted Reads boxset.jpg

A new book compilation hit the streets today! DARK AND TWISTED READS is three novels in a single book, featuring ALL THE PRETTY GIRLS, by yours truly, A PERFECT EVIL by Alex Kava, and BONE COLD by Erica Spindler.

How. Cool. Is. That?

Alex and Erica and I are good friends, and we’ve done some work together (see SLICES OF NIGHT and STORM SEASON for our original short stories compilations). This time, MIRA is putting out the novels, together in a fabulous thematically-linked bundle. (There might be a few missing hands and fingers throughout the narratives… just sayin’.)

This is a perfect grouping of books. If you’ve read me, but not Erica or Alex, you’re in for a major treat. Why do I say this?

These two women, these amazing authors, influenced me so heavily when I was learning how to write thrillers. They are both heroes of mine—wonderful examples of women thriller authors who’ve never shied away from the darkness. They both tear back the veil on police and FBI investigations, unafraid, and unflinching, in their subject matter. They both taught me so much about storytelling, I will forever be in their debt.

That not so many years removed from when I was reading them to learn how it’s done, I get to call them my friends, and have a book out with them? That is both a joy and a privilege. 

Grab this one… it’s a bargain!