7.24.16 - Sunday Smatterings

Sunday Smatterings 7.24.16

Hi, guys!

Amy here. How was your week? I played Bingo last night. Yup: BINGO. The fast-paced kind where you have a million squares and a marker to pound out tiny dots. I was the youngest by a couple scores, but I didn't care. It was magical.

It doesn't take much, folks.


Here's what happened on the Internets this week:

This was fabulous: "What Historical Fiction Can Do That History Textbooks Cannot" (bonus quote i.e. why I loved this: 

“It’s up to fiction to tell the smaller stories, to remind us everyday courage matters too.”

Yes. Yes. Yes. 👏👏👏



Writers: this is why it's crucial to write ugly.


And closer to home:

Miss the Boss Lady yet? I know, me too. You can catch her blogging every other Friday on The Wine Vixen! This week, she dished on a yummy Barolo she had in San Diego. (Barolo is legit, you guys—just sayin')



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Alright, folks, that's it from me. Stay in the shade, wear sunscreen (do it!), and I'll talk to you soon!


Cordially yours,
Assistant Amy