Lost the morning to errands and final Christmas stuff - namely picking up the curio cabinet my folks got us for Christmas. I also had to pick up a coat at Macys, then drive down to Cool Springs to get the cabinet, and of course, realized as I was walking away from the car into the furniture store that I'd left my purse at Macys. Bad words. Many, many bad words. That lovely bit of idiocy doubled our time out this morning, turning a quick two hour round trip into a four hour jaunt.

I have absolute no business being out in public right now. I am so distracted, by the book, mostly, though I also have this teaching gig next weekend, 12 hours of teaching gig, which needs prep, and decorations to put away, and a possible snow storm tomorrow. And... And... And...

But I settled down this afternoon and got 1000 words down, and started pulling together my power point, and make some yummy split pea and ham soup. Speaking of food, I am so mad at Arby's. We ate there for lunch today, and I got what I thought would be a healthy lunch, the turkey sandwich on whole wheat bread. Guess what? When I put the meal into my fitness app, I found out that sandwich has 800 calories. I mean, you have to TRY to manage to put 800 calories in a turkey sandwich. Thankfully I didn't eat all of it, but I felt duped. What looked like a healthy alternative wasn't. (Alternative - I don't eat red meat, so I look for what seems to be a low cal substitute.)

The thunder cats have dug up an old rabbit fur mouse they'd lost under the rug, so we are quite amused by their antics. I'd hate to see a real mouse get in here. It wouldn't stand a chance against these two great grey hunters.

Sweet dreams!


J.T. Ellison

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