On Release Day Silliness

So I was running around on release day (what release, you say? Ahem. THE FINAL CUT, of course!) and got caught in a massive traffic jam. But it was a pretty day, and I was in a rather fabulous mood, so I opened the top, turned up the radio, and prepared to jam out. And trust me, seeing a rapidly-pushing middle age blonde rocking it out to Alice in Chains seemed to improve the mood of most everyone around me, as I realized when I came up for air after a rocking drum solo to see the guy behind me and to the left laughing their asses off. 


I didn't let that stop me. And over what ended up being a lovely hour stuck in traffic, the radio spit out song after song after song that fit the day to perfection.  So I started keeping track of the songs on Shazam. There were so many I decided to share them with you - my THE FINAL CUT Release Day Playlist! Enjoy!