Well. After yesterday's day of brilliance, today was the day of diddly-squat. I tried to work but nothing would come, tried to read but couldn't stay focused, and ended up watching Vampire Diaries and playing with the bouncy mouse and saying prayers to the muse to not forsake me. 

Yeah. It goes like this sometimes, especially in the beginning, even more especially when you're about to hit a milestone. The slightest thing can derail the soap bubble thoughts that make up the nascent work. All you can do is take notes, let your mind go where it may, meditate and have faith that tomorrow, things will be better.

The kittens have colds, which concerned me enough to take them to see the vet, so that burned a few hours. Sick kittens are, I assume, similar to sick kids -- in turns snuggly, bored and intensely playful. These two being the snuggle bunnies that they are, there was quite a few sweet kitten achoos in my neck.  But the vet said they look good, prescribed some lysine to help bolster their immune systems, and we're back home, preparing for our first bath tomorrow. Egads!

Sweet dreams, and may tomorrow be more productive than today!