I want to talk briefly about writer's block. I've always rather blithely claimed that I don't think it exists, that it's your story's way of telling you you're going in the wrong direction. And that's true. Absolutely, 100% true.  

Except for when it isn't. 

Writer's block can be more than your story going off the rails. Sometimes, it's your brain's way of saying ENOUGH!  You're working too hard, you're not refilling the well, and damn you, stop with all that infernal typing for five minutes, I need a BREAK!

Recognizing writer's block is a talent. Too many of us hit a wall and throw up our hands, declaring all is lost, wailing and gnashing our teeth. Some of us, though, recognize the symptoms of overwork or storyline miscues, and take a day off. Or a month. Or whatever is right for you.

Listen, we're artists, not machines. We can't program ourselves to spit out X number of words every day no matter what. Life interrupts. Stories go awry. And that's okay. It's how we face these challenges that define our professional lives.

Since we're in NaNoWriMo mode, I just wanted to toss that out there. If you don't make that 1667 words today, don't fret. You'll be fine. The story will tell you what's right. Go read a book. Or take a nap, or a walk, or go to the movies.

Permission, granted. 

Sweet dreams!


J.T. Ellison

New York Times bestselling author J.T. Ellison writes dark psychological thrillers starring Nashville Homicide Lt. Taylor Jackson and medical examiner Dr. Samantha Owens, and pens the Nicholas Drummond series with #1 New York Times bestselling author Catherine Coulter. Cohost of the premier literary television show, A Word on Words, Ellison lives in Nashville with her husband and twin kittens.

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