The universe works in mysterious ways.  

I got nothing done today - the first day of NaNoWriMo. But I have a darn good excuse.  

It's been a week of strange, dislocated disappointments. When I finally steeled myself to go get a kitten,  I thought I was going to have the same experience as last time, where I saw Jade at the shelter, and bam, that was it. 

This time, we had lukewarm feelings toward a bunch of adorable kittens, from several places and connections, which was bizarre. I mean, you're supposed to click, right? And I didn't. Maybe it was my own fault, the walls I've built around my heart to protect myself from falling in love again. I found several snuggly sweeties, but none I couldn't stop thinking about. And whatever the reason, all of those adoptions fell through.  

But I wasn't heartbroken over any of them. So last night, before I went to bed, I celebrated Samhain in my own way, with a candle, and the memories of those I love, and at the end, I sat with Jade's ashes, and asked her for help. That she could give me a sign, or a zing, or a dream, something that allowed me to know what to do. 

I woke this morning with vigor. We were going to go to the shelter again and this time, really open up. And just as we were leaving, I received an email from the Director of Happy Tales Humane in Franklin, TN. She had a new batch of kittens, just spayed, that were approved for adoption overnight, and there were silver tabbies in the litter. 

I hightailed it down to Franklin, and I am so excited to tell you, I found a kitten. Actually, two. Twins. Two little girl love bunnies, silver and gray and soft and fuzzy and the cute, it burns.   

Jade was one hell of a cat. The fact that it takes two to step into her very large paws doesn't surprise me in the least.  

 And so, I give you our two new adorables, Jameson and Jordan.

New Babies.jpg

J.T. Ellison

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