Best Links of the Week


Settle in, because there are lots of great links to read this week, starting with what's possibly the most important advice for writers wanting to get published:

Writer Unboxed » The Biggest Mistake Writers Make and How to Avoid it  ("Writing is taught everywhere, but not story.")

And we all have these moments, when it just doesn't work. I Hate It — But I Wrote It | Writerly Life 

On The Kill Zone, James Scott Bell tackles A Writer's Ego, which is absolutely excellent. 

From Information Diet, some truth - Notifications are evil  I have all my notifications turned off. Why be a slave to them? Which ties right into the next wonderful observation, Today's Technologies Need an Off-the-Hook Option  The new iOS6 operating system on my phone has a Do Not Disturb option which can be tailored however I need it. If I could only do this with my home phone....

My friend Barbara Claypole White blogs about OCD and Believable Characters. Her new book, THE UNFINISHED GARDEN, is wonderful.

Author Bryan Hall writes a very provocative, and pretty darn true essay on The Lazy Writer 

In the age of Facebook, how do you keep you manage to stay friends with people you don't agree with politically? How to Use Mindfulness to Keep Your Friends During the Election  I loved this - and it applies to much more than just politics

This essay cracked me up and made me sd at the same time. Just Freaking Call Me It's so true, too - 20 minutes of texting can be eliminated if you'd just pick up the phone! It's good to see that our texting generation is realizing that phones do work. ERMEGERD!

And from the super cool category: Far From ‘Junk,’ DNA Dark Matter Proves Crucial to Health Can you imagine - all that DNA junk they thought didn't matter, does. Pretty soon they'll figure out why we need a spleen.