On Vertiginous Moments

Have you ever driven along a familiar path, lost in thought, and suddenly came back to reality not know exactly where you are? Car coma, they call it. It's like being on the Penrose stairs, going around and around and never climbing any higher. Your mind winds around itself, blocking out at the reality to allow for fertile imaginations.

I had one of these vertiginous moments Friday. They're dangerous, truth be told, because if your mind isn't on your driving, your hurtling two tons of car down the road going forty, fifty, eighty miles and hour, people can get seriously hurt. But fun, for all that.

I'm underwater at the moment, working on two major projects. One is incredibly research heavy, one is fertile imagination land. Both, though, have me in fits of distraction, as was evidenced by my getting lost on Old Hickory Boulevard, a road I travel weekly. I came to and literally had no idea where I was. It took a full thirty seconds for the familiar to reassert itself. Gives lost in thought a whole new meaning.

This spatial oddity was further compounded by a mini-plague, which created actual vertigo. Hubby had a walloping plague, two doctor visit, highly miserable week. I attended to him with all the loving kindness I could muster, and was rewarded with a cold. So it was a quiet weekend as we both finally started recovering: a couple of nice, ambling walks, loads of chicken soup, and catch-up. Sundays are my favorite, really. A nice breakfast out, some work, then catch-up on whatever needs attending to. I like to read magazines on Sunday afternoons, Architectural Digest being one of my favorites, and Elle, and of course, People. I managed to eliminate everything on my online reading list that had been building since January, and feel so much more caught up. Rode roughshod over my inbox and got it down to zero, unsubscribed from several blogs that are no longer giving me what I need, and added a whole new category to my RSS feeds - Yoga blogs. I'm anxious to see if that helps my practice solidify.

Since the big project involves more reading than writing at the moment, I'm feeling a bit at loose ends. So I may be here a bit more, just to keep my fingers engaged a few times a week.

Have a lovely Monday. Remember, I turned comments off here, so we can chat on Facebook and Twitter instead. Tell me how you're liking the new set up, if you will. Like it? Hate it?