On Book Festivals and Waiting for Workmen

First up - you will notice a pretty little widget to the right of the blog - that's so you can browse inside of the new book. Enjoy!

Instead of working this morning, I've been waiting for the air conditioner repairman - the umpteenth in a long line of people attempting to fix a leak in our system. He's late, and so I am blogging, because I don't want to interrupt the flow of words to deal with the mundane. 

A fabulous time was had by (almost) all at the Southern Kentucky Festival of Books this past weekend. I was lucky enough to have a friend in town, brilliant author chick Deanna Raybourn. If you don't read her, and follow her blog, you simply must. We ate barbeque and went shopping and did honkytonking Ellison style - which means Patterson House, Oak Room, Merchants and Past Perfect with a brisk walk past Tootsie's and Legends - and sandwiched in a trip north to Bowling Green for the festival. It's one of my favorites, always drawing a crowd of fun and interesting people, as well as a few, shall we say, odd ducks. 

With so many authors and readers in a single room, you really can't go wrong. There was something for everyone, and I counted the day a complete success, not only because my stack of A DEEPER DARKNESS was gone within the first two hours, but I got to panel with a few of my favorites - Will Lavender, David Bell and Rick Robinson, who are all fascinating, and make faces at Deanna, who was right across from me, and sit next to one of the sweetest girls ever, who was so gracious and happy to be a part of her first event that I couldn't help but smile every time I looked her way, and spend some serious quality time with Heather Graham and hubby Dennis. Talk about a blessing - good friends, awesome fans, a well-run event - yep, it was a good day.

But y'all know me - my glass is always more than half-full. Meeting readers whilst surrounded by a stack of books is my idea of a good time.

One little housekeeping note: you'll notice I've turned off comments. Because we normally talk on Facebook and Twitter, and I deal with legions of spam, it seems the right thing to do. You can now come, read and move on with your day without feeling compelled to leave a comment or jump through the CAPTCHA hoops. I hope that works better for us all!

AC man here and gone, thankfully, so I'm off to revise Edge of Black. Have a super day!