Best Links of the Week


Dear Writer Friends: Something to think about - are readers fickle? Will they forget you if you don't social network?  Something very interesting that generated a lot of thought on my end after my awesome readers weighed in: 98% feel writing the book is more important than social networking. 98%! More on this soon, too.... 

Are You Comfortable with Yourself?  I really love this. Happiness comes from within....

1984, the Thriller This is an incredibly interesting view of this seminal dystopian novel

Christine Rose Elle tackles The Task at Hand: Motivation in 30 Seconds or Less Something we all could use a little help on sometimes

I can't wait to read THE CASUAL VACANCY, and I love this piece on JK Rowling - she's really in control of her destiny, and I have great respect for her. J. K. Rowling - By the Book - 

New Sylvia Day eBook Sells 286k Copies In First Week | Publishers Lunch It is totally awesome to watch an author break out like this. 

And on the Tao this week: The Art of The Steal - What happens when you're perfect idea is done by another?