I have not been writing.

God, I hate to admit that.

But it's true.

And it's becoming readily apparent to the folks around me, because I've been getting grumpy.

It's the two weeks leading up to the book launch, and as such there are many things to do. Blogs to write, newsletters to send, speeches to give. Hair to color, nails to get manicured, outfits to plan. Appearances and television and radio and signings and a conference - all in the span of two weeks. I'm already sick of myself, and I've been at it for exactly 24 hours.

It's crazy making, especially for introverts like me who get very run down being on, on, on. Sparkle! Author Girl is in da house! I adore it while I'm doing it, but when I'm done, I literally collapse.

And in all that, I sometimes lose sight of the end game. The only real responsibility I have is planting my butt in the chair, opening the manuscript, and writing.

I took the opening chapters of the sandwich book to my critique group last night. They loved it. Loved it so much that all I wanted to do was run home and dive into the pages and create, create, create!

But right now, my time is not my own. For the next few weeks, my time belongs to you - you lovely creatures!

I had my first major event yesterday - I spoke at Ingram - and a more wonderful group of people you can't ever hope to meet. They were fabulous - laughed in all the right places, made me feel like I sort of knew what I was talking about. I signed a ton of books and felt like maybe I could pull this off after all.

Because truly, if you're an introvert writer like me, you have a tendency to worry that you'll say or do something idiotic at just the wrong time. Hmm, is that introversion, or just being a geek?

The first time I talk about a book in public is terrifying. Terrifying. But it went really well. I was bummed that I didn't remember my very funny making anecdote until today.... but at least I'll have it for the rest of my talks. 

I'm off to create the newsletter, in which we will have a contest, and a prize, a simple one this time, but a prize nonetheless, and put together the photo slideshow, and... and... and....

And maybe, just maybe, I can sneak in some actual writing time this weekend. : )

Anything y'all are particularly interested in hearing about related to WHERE ALL THE DEAD LIE? Ask away!