It has been a Monday.

I've been scattered, smothered, and covered with Stuff. Fighting with iPhoto. Firefox crashed at least six times while I was trying to write a blog for next week answering some of Rachel's questions. (No, I haven't forgotten - you raised two interesting points that are blogs unto themselves, so I'm posting them next week for the launch-a-palooza.)

I started an interview multiple times, and kept finding myself in the midst of other things. My iPhone doesn't have the right capacity to handle all my music, so as I was making a smaller playlist for it, I hit the wrong button and erased all the music, so it's in massive sync mode. A firetruck plowed into the neighborhood, scaring me half to death, but it was a false alarm at a neighbor's house. (And much too early to see said neighbor in boxers, and nothing else.)

There was a full moon last night, wasn't there?

Sometimes, these crazy, disquieting days are helpful, because you manage to get bits and pieces of multiple projects done. Like laundry, and email, and kitty cat skritchies, and more email, and now this blog.

Only took three hours, but I finally settled my ass down and got things taken care of. Finished the interview. Wrestled the pictures I need together. Managed to have Firefox stay open long enough to get a few other things done. Got the phone synched and working. Wrote this.

So. With that. Here's a link to an interview I did with Lorna Suzuki - she was very kind and asked all kinds of fun questions!

And I'm doing a live radio interview tomorrow with one of my favorite people - Kim Alexander from Siruis/XM Cover to Cover. So tune in!

3 pm EST/ 2 CST/ 1 MST/ 12 PST   Sirius/XM Channel 80

Now need to fold clothes, get manicured and pedicured, pack and charge things, and, and and and and....

See you tomorrow. Hopefully there will actually be a word count! Because really, I is a writer.