One of the fun (awful) things about traveling is catching up when you get home. I have several methods for handling this - mostly involving grinding my teeth as I delete oodles of pointless email, sort through the stuff that matters, then, when I'm back to Inbox Zero, or at least down to Inbox Starred To Dos, I move to my RSS feeds. Where there's always all kinds of cool tidbits to chew on.

There's also a big downside to traveling AND being off Facebook and Twitter, because I miss most of the cool stuff that my peers are talking about during the week. But that's nearing an end - three weeks now, and the experiment into time management through deprivation has worked so well that I've decided to maintain the schedule, albeit with the allowable checking on the networks at night, well after my writing day is done. We're getting into summer, which means it's my busy time, with travel, golf and large chunks of deadline writing, so I have to alter my time management skills to compensate for less down time.

So here's  a few things I might have shared if I were home and following my new schedule for the past few weeks. Enjoy!

I'm reading Laura Lippman's I'D KNOW YOU ANYWHERE. I've always loved Laura's work, but this book is a masterpiece. She personifies something I'm trying to grasp - character is plot. I bow in her general direction.

Fabulous post on ten things all young artists need to know from new to me artist Austin Kleon (with a major hat tip to Jeff Abbott, who kindly feeds me stuff he knows I'll love)

Amanda Palmer sings a song of Twitter Posts at the Shorty Awards. I was so struck by her creativity and sense of humor - two very important pieces to the life puzzle that we sometimes miss.

Betsy Lerner captures the essense of what it feels like to promote a book. I was especially amused with the line about the horse, raunchy as it may be.