My eyes are crossing and my mind has turned to mush. Why? A six hour marathon session of copyedits on the May '12 book. Done, and turned in, and hopefully I won't have to see it again anytime soon. (You do stop seeing the forest for the trees after a while, and this one feels like I've edited it to death. Of course, they all do at this point...)

OK. I've been holding out on you. I've talked around this for weeks now, but it's time to share. Brace yourselves.

WHERE ALL THE DEAD LIE is the last Taylor book for a little while.

Don't panic. It is NOT the end of the series. I fully intend to return to Taylor's world very soon. I can't imagine my life without Taylor in it for very long. And we have so many unanswered questions....

As a writer, you always want to try new things. I've never written anything more than a short story that didn't feature Taylor. It was time to spread my wings. My agent and my house kindly agreed, and we decided that it might be fun to spin off the series with Dr. Samantha Owens as the main character.

Let me tell you - writing from a new perspective has been at once liberating and terrifying. Sam is Taylor's conscience in the Taylor books. I didn't know who she was outside of that.

I do now. And boy, how, is she an amazing character.

The May '12 book is called A DEEPER DARKNESS. I PROMISE I will share the back cover copy very soon. With all the transitions - my editor leaving - my new editor catching up, I want to be absolutely sure we are all good with everything before I do. But soon, chickens. Soon.

So. I'm off to read BREAKING DAWN because I need something fun and engaging and different. Tomorrow I'll be back at it with the sandwich book.

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