Soundtrack! Excerpt! Giveaway!

Every book has its own rhythm. Mine are driven by music: songs that inspired me, rocked me, and took me to new worlds while I was writing. These songs kept me on track, informed the story, and as you can see, helped with the theme. We're all Pretenders, in a way. Aren't we?

Here's the soundtrack for Taylor Jackson #6 - So Close the Hand of Death.


Angel -  Sarah McLachlan      

All My Life  -  Foo Fighters  

Blood Makes Noise -  Suzanne Vega           

The Pretender -  Jackson Browne        

Smile - Dalton Grant 

The Great Pretender  - The Platters  

Superman (It's Not Easy)  -  Five for Fighting       

Everywhere -  Michelle Branch       

Little Lies -  Fleetwood Mac         

The Pretender  -  Foo Fighters  

Kill Me Carolyne -  The Whigs     

Bittersweet Symphony -  The Verve     


And if you're interested in a teaser, click here for an excerpt.

So Close the Hand of Death officially goes on sale March 1, 2011 (though you'll be able to buy it in stores starting February 22....)

In the meantime, leave a comment here and you'll be entered in a little contest. The prize? A galley of So Close, of course! (who says I don't love you?)

I'll do the drawing Sunday January 23.