News About THE COLD ROOM (formerly Edge of Black)


(From the JT Ellison Newsletter)

There's a saying the French use:

Plus ça change, plus c'est la même chose.

It roughly translates to: the more things change, the more they stay the same. And if there's one thing I've learned about the publishing industry, it's that change happens. A lot!

With that in mind, I have some very exciting news. We are making some major changes to Book Four in the Taylor Jackson series.

First, there's a redesign, inside and out. We'll have new cover art soon. The release date has moved as well. As always, the book will be available in stores the Tuesday before that day. The new official release date is March 1, 2010. It will be available on Tuesday, February 23.

But the biggest news of all is a title change.

Formerly known as Edge of Black, Book Four is now...


He Can Only Truly Love Her Once Her Heart Stops

Homicide Detective Taylor Jackson thinks she's seen it all in Nashville—from the Southern Strangler to the Snow White Killer. But she's never seen anything as perverse as the Conductor. Once his victim is captured, he contains her in a glass coffin, slowly starving her to death. Only then does he give in to his attraction.

When he's finished, he creatively disposes of the body by reenacting scenes from famous paintings. And it seems similar macabre works are being displayed in Europe. Taylor teams up with her fiancé, FBI profiler Dr. John Baldwin, and a New Scotland Yard detective named James "Memphis" Highsmythe, a haunted man who only has eyes for Taylor, to put an end to the Conductor's art collection.

Has the killer gone international with his craft? Or are there dueling artists, competing to create the ultimate masterpiece?

I hope you will accept my apologies. I know it's frustrating to have to wait a few extra months for the book to come out. But I promise, it will be worth it. And don't worry if you've already pre-ordered the book - you don't have to change a thing.

This also means that I won't be touring this fall. My schedule is always full, though, as you can see in the right column. I will be at SIBA and at Bouchercon, and I am thrilled to be participating in the Southern Festival of Books here in Nashville. I hope to see many of you there.

In the meantime, please keep tuning in at We'll be debuting a new website in the coming weeks, a one-stop shop for the books, my blog, podcasts and interviews, contests, and of course, wine tips!

I'll drop y'all another line for our regularly scheduled quarterly missive in July, and debut the cover art for THE COLD ROOM.

Thank you for reading, and have a wonderful, safe and book-soaked summer!