Romance Reviews Today Loves JUDAS KISS!

JUDAS KISS - J. T. Ellison
MIRA Books
ISBN-13: 978-0-7783-2629-8
January 2009
Suspense Thriller

Nashville, Tennessee - Present Day

A young, pregnant woman lies dead on the floor of her bedroom, and her eighteen-month-old daughter wanders the empty house covered in her blood. Two days later, Corinne Wolff’s sister, Michelle Harris, arrives for their tennis date. They’ve been practicing for the upcoming tournament at their country club, something they’ve been doing for years with Michelle always playing the lackey to Corinne’s talented expertise. When she arrives at Corinne’s home, Michelle walks in through the unlocked door (no one in this quiet neighborhood locks their doors). The house is unnaturally quiet, and a horrific stench hangs like a cloak on the inside. Michelle finds Corinne’s bludgeoned body and calls 911.

Homicide Detective Lieutenant Taylor Jackson has just returned from a wonderfully relaxing three week vacation to Italy. This trip was supposed to be her honeymoon, but thanks to a criminal who thwarted her special day by kidnapping her (see 14, Sept. 2008), the wedding didn’t happen, and the honeymoon trip just turned into a lovely extended vacation for Taylor and her fiancé, FBI Profiler John Baldwin. Today, John is leaving for Virginia to follow up on an urgent case of his own when Taylor gets the call about the Wolff murder. A pregnant wife, a missing husband, and a disgruntled family are all fodder for rampant speculation and tabloid news. What kind of psychopath would murder a pregnant woman and leave her baby daughter wandering alone in the house? It’s Taylor’s job to find the answers.

A Taylor Jackson Mystery is always something special we can dig into and know that we will enjoy every single word of the ride. In this third episode, JUDAS KISS, Taylor is after Corinne Wolff’s killer, while another unseen killer is stalking Taylor. The love of her life, John Baldwin, is off to Quantico, but he's hiding the real facts of his case from Taylor in a lie that he has neglected to tell her about, never having found the right moment. Although it is something she should know so that she can protect herself from an unseen stalker, Taylor is oblivious to John's deception. They truly love each other, and Taylor trusts John implicitly, but their upcoming wedding just never seems to get off the ground. John even proposed a second time and presented her with a new ring while they were in Italy, but even so, Taylor is still l little bit commitment-shy.

Taylor's team of detectives are back in this third novel. Pete Fitzgerald, Lincoln Ross, and Marcus Wade are busy helping her fight some new personal battles that loom while they all are searching for Corinne Wolff’s killer. Someone is trying to smear Taylor’s name and her reputation, and her team won’t let that happen, not on their watch. Taylor’s best friend, Dr. Sam (Samantha) Loughley, is also on board. Sam will lend a friendly ear, if only Taylor would share her troubles, which she doesn’t.

JUDAS KISS is the third Taylor Jackson Mystery and follows ALL THE PRETTY GIRLS, (November 2007); and 14, (September, 2008). And get ready for the fourth book in this series, EDGE OF BLACK, due out in September 2009. JUDAS KISS stands totally alone, and although the focus this time is only on just one murder and a single killer, there's another danger queuing up in the shadows, and the final spine-tingling chapter ends with a cliffhanger. I can’t wait to sink my teeth into in the next installment of Taylor’s adventures! JUDAS KISS is a wonderful edge-of-your-seat novel. It is a guarantee that you will not put it down until the very last page!

-Diana Risso