BookBitch Loves JUDAS KISS!

Lt. Taylor Jackson returns from her much needed vacation to face what could be the toughest challenge of her career. When classy housewife Corrine Wolff is discovered bludgeoned to death in her home, the suspicion naturally falls upon her husband. Then Jackson and her team make some disturbing discoveries regarding the Wolff family and their extra-curricular activities and a whole new avenue of suspects opens up. Meanwhile, a run-in with a stranger leads Taylor to a startling discovery of her own, one that threatens her professional life. Plus, a crazy hit man is gunning for Baldwin, and has recently gone missing, and the Pretender still evades capture. It will take all of Taylor's strength to make it through this one and still keep her cool.

With each new installment to this series, JT Ellison continues to prove that she is one of the best and the brightest in the genre - she should be on everyone's must read lists. 01/09

--Becky Lejeune