Mystery Scene Loves 14

JT Ellison's 14 (Mira, $6.99) holds up against any top drawer suspense novel. The title refers to the number of people slain in the serial killings. Troubling, though, is the fact that 10 of the murders were committed in the 1980s by an unidentified serial slayer designated as "The Snow White Killer." When an additional four bodies, replete with the serial killer's signature, appear now, the question is whether the long dormant Snow White killer has returned or whether the recent murders are the handiwork of a similarly depraved copycat. Nashville Homicide Lieutenant Taylor Jackson lands and solves the case, but not without chilling challenges along the way. You won't want to read this when you're home alone at night, but you will want to read it.

(Thanks to Mary Alice Gorman and friends at the Mystery Lovers Bookshop!)