Romance Reader at Heart Loves JUDAS KISS!

Whew! JUDAS KISS vibrates with such energy, it maybe could single handedly fuel electricity to New York City for a day. The third in the Taylor Jackson series provides such an adrenaline rush, readers may feel drained by the last page as well. JUDAS KISS takes readers on a spectacular twisty, unrelenting chilling ride full of unexpected surprises.

J.T. Ellison definitely has a keen sense of suspense. The mega talented Ms. Ellison not only gives readers an incredible thriller, she has created a truly fantastic female character in Taylor Jackson. In JUDAS KISS, Taylor's mettle is put to the extreme test as she deals with a puzzling murder, an unsavory surprise from her past, a sanctioned assassin turned serial killer who is after her as well as another serial, The Pretender—part of a deadly duo from 14—who keeps lurking in the background. Instead of cluttering JUDAS KISS with too much baggage, Ms. Ellison smoothly dovetails these four seemingly unrelated elements into non-stop excitement.

JUDAS KISS also delves deeper into the normally unflappable Taylor Jackson, showing a more vulnerable side. Likewise, more insight is given to Taylor's fiancee, super FBI agent John Baldwin. These two characters balance each other so well, are so attuned, so connected, their relationship adds another intriguing layer to the Jackson series.

J.T. Ellison is terrific. This relative newcomer is on her way to becoming a major star in the suspense genre. Her timing is flawless, her characters are full-bodied, her storylines are wonderfully convoluted. And creepy. If you haven't read Ms. Ellison, I strongly recommend her Jackson series. JUDAS KISS continues the brilliance.

Debbie Jett