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7.9.15 - I'm Sleeping with the Lights On: Horror and Thriller Authors Discussion at COMIC-CON San Diego

Guys . . . I have something to tell you.

I'm going to be paneling at Comic-Con San Diego (!!!). 

Check it out!

Horror and thriller novels have an amazing way of keeping readers up at night. Whether it is demons and zombies, from the historical settings to the seemingly mundane, authors find bone-chilling ways to make sure the reader keeps turning the pages. Join Del Howison, owner of Dark Delicacy Bookstore, as he chats with distinguished horror and thriller writers J.T. Ellison (WHAT LIES BEHIND), Kevin P. Keating (THE CAPTIVE CONDITION), Matthew Reilly (THE GREAT ZOO OF CHINA), Mira Grant (SYMBIONT), Diana Rowland (VENGEANCE OF THE DEMON), and Robert Brockway (THE UNNOTICIBLES) about what motivates them to scare you.