It is Samhain—the Blood Harvest. Nonbelievers call it Hallowe'en.

The night when eight Nashville teenagers are found dead, with occult symbols carved into their naked bodies. It's a ritual the killers believe was blessed by Death himself. 

When children are victimized, emotions always run high, and this case has the public both outraged and terrified: a dangerous combination. Recently reinstated homicide lieutenant Taylor Jackson knows she has to act quickly, but tread carefully. 

Exploring the baffling culture of mysticism and witchcraft, Taylor is immersed in a darkness that threatens to unbalance the order of her world, and learns how unchecked wrath can push a killer to his limits.


  • Publishers Weekly starred review

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  • Publisher: MIRA Books

  • Original Release Date: 2010

  • Formats: Print, eBook, audiobook

  • Print ISBN: 9780778327639

  • Audiobook Narrator: Joyce Bean

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"Ellison's outstanding fifth Taylor Jackson thriller (after February 2010's The Cold Room) pits the homicide cop against a killer in league with the dark side. . . . The police procedural details never get in the way of the potent characterization and clever plotting, and Ellison systematically cranks up the intensity all the way to the riveting ending."
– ★ Publishers Weeklystarred review