Entering the 21st Century

Oh boy.

It's been exactly two hours since the doorbell rang and my new best friend the FedEx man handed me my brand new iPad2. My little International traveler has been winging its way to me since Monday, when it left China jetted to Hong Kong, stopped off overnight in Taiwan (naughty), then flew to Anchorage, where it hung out for a day with the mooses before leaving for Indianapolis and then on to Nashville and my place. Yes, I've been tracking it's progress with a zealotry I though I reserved for opening day numbers on Amazon - I visited the page multiple times a day, hitting refresh, refresh, refresh, savoring the adrenaline rush when a new entry popped up.

I am a geek.

I gave Randy an iPad last year for his birthday, and have tried very hard to let it be his, and not something I'm constantly borrowing just to have a quick look at.... you know? It's his. I didn't want to develop an attachment to something I wasn't able to use all the time.

But this little honey is mine. All mine.

My laptop sits closed, not forgotten, but lonely, to my left, like a boyfriend I'm cheating on with a new fella. I am flirting with another. It's way past midnight, we're hanging out at the bar, and I, unabashed hussy, am giving it all she's got. Put it this way - he has a beard, a Harley and just got me to do my fourth shot of tequila.

(And what comes on the iPod as I write that but AC/DC SHOOK ME ALL NIGHT LONG. Oh yes you did, sugar.)

I've hooked my newcomer up to the keyboard dock Randy bought but rarely uses. I know that's essentially cheating, but this is for a good purpose - I'm about to take this sucker on a transcontinental journey and I'd really like to be able to leave my laptop at home. Two hours in, and I think I may be able to pull that off. Holy moly! This thing is freaking slick.

For the geeks out there who might be wondering, here's a list of the Apps I ran for:


and of course, The Weather Channel.

Flipboard was Randy's suggestion - and WOW. It's really cool, very visual.

So I did have a few problems - mainly user error - I deleted this post accidentally, then rewrote it and was shocked to find that Squarespace wouldn't let me back into it to edit once I'd hit save - hopefully a bug that will be fixed soon.

But I'm a wee bit in love. So if you'll excuse me, I'm going to go try reading a book on this bad boy.

And hooah - Lent's technical over at 7pm.... I MADE IT!