We Have Winners!!!!!!


The Haunted Contest turned out some seriously creepy, spooky and lovely stories. Thanks to everyone who entered - you're amazing.

Two stories really stood out to me, and both of them win the CASTLE GHOSTS OF SCOTLAND DVD, but the GRAND PRIZE goes to: S.A. Newby for the hair-raising story THE MEN WITHOUT FACES

God, that story freaked me out.

The close second is Barbara Geach's incredibly scary run in with the ghost of Jeffrey Dahlmer.

The rest of the winners have been chosen at random. I will say this, Laura Morefield and Andrea Shlasko really touched my heart with their stories, and Infinitieh and Mary Mac - your ghost pets made me cry...

So, without further ado:

3 $25 giftcards to the winners' choice of bookstore

Tracy Boulet, Donna Christie-Fobert, Mari

5 copies of Daphne du Maurier's REBECCA

Jeff Bennington, Andrea Shlasko, Infinitieh, Merri Bell, Theresa N.

and signed bookplates to all entries.

ALL WINNERS MUST EMAIL ME AT contests@jtellison.com with their information

If you want a signed bookplate, I'll need your address as well, so please send a note to the above email for yours.


Signed copies to Muzette Alcocer, Heather Mays, Jess Moskowitz, Allison Moyer, Frederikke Reimer.

Thanks to everyone who entered - again, if you want a signed bookplate, write me at contests@jtellison.com with your address.

And so closesth the contest. You'll see the winning entry from SA Newby posted here on Halloween.