Bestselling thriller authors Erica Spindler, Alex Kava and J.T. Ellison bring you face to face with their own unique brands of evil.

One killer: A psychopath who flies under the radar, moving from city to city, preying on the lost, the forgotten.

Three investigators: Detective Stacy Killian from the New Orleans P.D. Nashville homicide lieutenant Taylor Jackson, and FBI profiler Maggie O'Dell have witnessed some of the worst, and brought down some of the best. Will this one slip through their grasps?

From three of today's most acclaimed thriller writers, SLICES OF NIGHT offers readers a sneak peek into the lives of three very different investigators, in three very different settings, as they hunt for a killer who's able to disappear into the night.

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And as an added bonus, I've dropped the price of my short story collection, SWEET LITTLE LIES, to .99 as well. Limited time offer on both books - so get them while they're hot!

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Even if you don't have an ereader, you can still get SLICES OF NIGHT - just download the free software from Kindle or Nook to your computer or phone!

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SWEET LITTLE LIES: a short (short) story collection, is on sale now!

“Sharp. Witty. Shocking. The stories in Sweet Little Lies start with a deadly whisper and end in a high-frequency scream. Ellison takes the tedious banality of our tidy little lives and twists it just so—revealing the terrifying truth inside us all.”           —Laura Benedict, author of Isabella Moon

I've published a number of shorts over the past several years. Four have been anthologized, two appeared in magazines. Some were flash pieces from our dearly departed Flashing in the Gutters and other great ezines and online sites. 

I thought it might be nice to pull all the pieces together into one small collection. And now it's ready for you, in all its digital glory. You can purchase SWEET LITTLE LIES from the following e-tailers:


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And at $2.99, it's a bargain. Less than a cappuchino!

Wishing you a joyous Happy New Year! And remember not to lie...

*Sweet Little Lies will be coming to the iBookstore and Kobe shortly.