Daily Tao ☯ 5.15.17

I’m feeling a wee bit cheetah-ish today. I’ve been going going going since I woke up, and have only now sat down to eat, have a glass of wine, and catch my breath (and do my daily Tao). I had to cancel a dentist appointment this morning, because who wants to lie in the dentist’s chair when you’re not feeling 100 percent? All of my calls and appointments rang long today, and staff with Amy was truncated because there was just too much to cover. But! I capped off the day with a super fun Skype call with a library in New Jersey. There’s really nothing better than talking to book people. What fun!

Why the rush today? Because I’m back on a plane tomorrow afternoon, heading west to see my parents, who I haven’t seen since February. That’s way too long. We talked about me rescheduling, but to be honest, the idea of having some mom and dad time—i.e.: mom and dad taking care of me time—that’s too enticing to pass up. I will get good sleep, good food, and lots of chill time to write. Just what the doctor ordered. I rarely allow myself to be mothered and fathered, but I sense it’s exactly what I need. 

I’m looking forward to the quiet of the flight to really dig in to the new book, too. I love to fly. I love that I have no obligation to talk to anyone, that I can turn inward and focus solely on my words. I get some of my best writing done on planes. Tomorrow, it will be character building and outlining. Maybe a little classical on the headphones to really block out the world. Bliss!

I once heard a (possibly urban legend) story about an author on a desperately close deadline who booked a round trip flight to Australia (or Singapore?), wrote all the way there and all the way back, and met the deadline. Not sure if it's true, but I applaud the sentiment. 

Sweet dreams!

Daily Tao ☯ 5.9.17

And so it begins… Brit #5 is underway! Catherine and I met this morning, tossed around some ideas, and settled on a course of action. I had a yummy lunch with my awesome publicist at Má Pêche, then did a quick phone interview about LIE TO ME, in which we were wildly diverted by the appearance of garden gnomes (I swear, the codeine has not gone to my head!)

And now I'm ensconced in the hotel with a big cup of tea, a cozy sweater, and my fat notebook, pulling together the ideas we cooked up into a more cohesive format for tomorrow morning’s session. Today was ironing out motivation, tomorrow will be plot, plot, plot. Then publisher meetings all afternoon. Super fun!

When I’m starting a book, I go in with a series of questions which are, in essence, a glorified version of who, what, where, when, and why. The why is always the most important, and can be the biggest stumbling block. Villains can quickly become one-dimensional mustache twirlers if you’re not careful with their true motivations. For me, finding the why behind the villain/killer is the key to a successful story. 

And I’m pretty sure we nailed it this morning. I’m excited to see where this takes us!

Hope your day was awesome!