Nashville Flood 2010

This says it all. I'll have more in the coming days, but for now, this video should give you the beginnings of an idea of just how bad things are here.



I just watched this video for the first time. And I'll be honest with you, I just cried for the first time. I've been holding it in, being strong for the amazing people of Nashville who have lost everything yet aren't crying. But watching this, it's just overwhelming.

We are fine. It was a close thing, but the water stopped in our next-door neighbor's driveway. The house wasn't damaged, and all we lost was the refrigerator full of food. That's NOTHING compared to some of our neighbors. Please consider donating to some of our great charities:

DONATE NASHVILLE - Have something to give (time, money, food, strong back?) Need something? Check this link.

The Community Foundation of Middle Tennessee

Calling All Restaurateurs: Red Cross Could Use Your Help

Salvation Army – Nashville

Hands On Nashville

Nashville Flood relief t-shirts

Cool People Care WE ARE NASHVILLE T-Shirts

Soles 4 Souls – Shoe charity comes to Nashville’s aid

Nashville Humane Society

Do the Write Thing for Nashville - an awesome auction of great stuff from your favorite authors!

More to come, but for now, blessings to you all.