A WORD ON WORDS with Adam Haslett

"I was someone who wrote endlessly in journals, not for an audience but because I needed to get stuff out, to get things in words."

One day at lunch, I remember my cohost, Mary Laura Philpott, raving about a galley she had just read called IMAGINE ME GONE, which sounded like an utterly heartbreaking yet fascinating book.

Imagine my delight when we learned Mary Laura would get to interview the author, Adam Haslett!

IMAGINE ME GONE tells the story of Michael, his family's eldest child, who suffers from depression and anxiety. The book is written from the POV of five family members, showing how Michael's life deeply affects each person. Mary Laura and Adam talk about Adam's interest in writing about the interior life, the unconventional way he came to the craft, and how he has integrated pieces of his own story into novel writing.

A WORD ON WORDS with Yaa Gyasi

"If I had known how much research it was going to take when I started writing this, I never would have written it."

This week, my intrepid co-host Mary Laura Philpott takes the reins and chats with literary wonder Yaa Gyasi about her brilliant debut novel, Homegoing. Gyasi's novel tells the story of two half sisters born in Ghana in the 18th century. The girls grow up never knowing each other, then their lives diverge even further—one marries a British slaver, the other is sold into slavery—and the book follows their descendants to the present day. 

Yaa and Mary Laura talk how this novel was born, the importance of family lineage, and about LeVar Burton. 🦋 Check it out!

A WORD ON WORDS with Emma Straub

These two don't look like they had fun taping this episode at all.

My intrepid co-host, Mary Laura Philpott, hung out with author (and soon-to-be-bookstore-owner) Emma Straub and asked her about mid-life crises, Jane Austen-inspired rock songs, and why writing about teenagers is a lot more fun than being one.

Enjoy this one, y'all!

Sneak Peek: A WORD ON WORDS with Cynthia D'Aprix Sweeney

Does money cause problems, or does it throw a spotlight on problems that were already there?

A valid question, tackled by this week's A WORD ON WORDS guest Cynthia D'Aprix Sweeney, in her novel THE NEST. It's a super fun interview conducted by my divine co-host, Mary Laura Philpott (complete with mimosas!). Keep watching 'til the end—the last few seconds are hilarious. 😂

Season 2 of A WORD ON WORDS Is Coming!

So excited to share that our Emmy-Award winning TV show A Word on Words is premiering Season 2 with the divine Ann Patchett this weekend!

It's a darling interview, isn't it? What a wonderful way to kick off the season.

More shows coming every weekend this month, so stay tuned. Once they’ve aired, you can see them on the A Word on Words website, as well as my own.