DEAD ENDS now available in audiobook! And "Catwood" is available in ebook!

Super fun and exciting release news today — DEAD ENDS is available in audiobook from all your favorite audio retailers! And, my story from the collection, CATWOOD, is also available in digital form. 

I’m so proud of this collection — the stories are wonderful, and to have them read aloud makes them nothing short of remarkable. Our narrator, Courtney Parker, has brought the stories and characters alive. There is something so unique about hearing your own words read to you. I know you’ll love listening to this awesome collection.

And here’s a little origin info about my story, CATWOOD.

People ask me all the time where I get my ideas. Well, CATWOOD is a totally meta story for me. 

the dock that inspired Catwood

A couple of years ago, I went on a writers retreat in the north Georgia mountains with a group of friends. The cabin was perfectly situated on a small pond, with a dock. The moment we arrived, we arrayed ourselves on that silent dock, stretching from the long car ride, then basking in the sun, staring idly at the water, chatting about our upcoming work. A story came to me right then, and I threw the bones of it together the moment I touched my laptop. The story was, of course, about a group of writers who go to a cabin in the woods with a pond and a dock, and, while there, find a body floating in the water.

I know, I know. It’s terrible of me to be thinking about dead bodies floating in ponds whilst sitting enjoying one, but that’s how my brain cooks. 

I tucked the idea away for a rainy day. And then DEAD ENDS happened, and I enjoyed the process of seeing my friends stories come to life so much that I wanted to join in. I decided to write the story about the body in the pond.

While I was thinking about it, I had this incredibly bizarro dream. I was standing in a cave with Margaret Atwood and she was screaming at the wind. Her screams were the only thing keeping us alive. And then a huge flock off birds dropped dead at her feet, and the wind ceased to blow.

Yeah. All the symbolism of that dream aside… I knew I had my tale. I stitched the dream and the pond imagery together with the photo of the house I’d given my authors, and CATWOOD was born. 

I hope you enjoy them both!

Look at this picture. Tell me what you see…

From childish demons to a mad novelist, from the Mississippi delta to the Appalachians, this collection from emerging voices and New York Times bestselling authors explores what happens when secrets that lie beneath the dust are disturbed—and our worst nightmares begin.


Five friends head on a weekend mountain getaway. Only four will return.

A group of writers from Nashville piles into a car and heads to the mountains of north Georgia for a work retreat—and a bit of drinking and gossip. They’ve booked a cabin in the woods with no internet and no cell service, and hopefully, no interruptions.

Near the cabin the friends discover the beautiful but decrepit Catwood manor, abandoned decades earlier. Detritus from its final lavish dinner party remains on the tables. Writer brains spin with a thousand questions, but two stand out: Why did the Catwood family abandon their mansion during a posh affair? And why did they never return?

A dark cave near the house may hold the answer. But learning the secret to the family’s disappearance will be deadly.






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