(With special thanks to Linda Jackson Roebuck for compiling this
comprehensive reference list of Nashville sites
from the first four Taylor Jackson novels)

 **** Possible Spoilers Below****




Frist Center for the Visual Arts

American Cancer Society dinner held with Sam as keynote speaker.  Taylor approached as “Tawny” by Tony Gorman.  (JK, p.138)  Gallery for which Gavin Adler prepares catalog for Florence exhibit.  (CR, p.77)

Parthenon at Centennial Park

Where Aiden’s body found with note from The Pretender.

Schermerhorn Symphony Center

Part of the new Nashville.

LP Field

Home of the NFL’s Tennessee Titans.  Players include Daphne’s boyfriend Zac (14, p.132) and Sidney “Kong” Edgar, a drug runner with Terence Norton.  (JK, p.162)

Riverfront Park

Scene from Taylor’s tiny CJC office window.  (APG, p.11)

Nashville Public Library

Where Taylor tries to find the identity of the man from her memory.  (14, p.356)

Batman Building, aka Bellsouth Building

Most recognizable part of Nashville’s skyline.

Capitol Building

Centennial Park

In 1987 the Snow White Killer murdered 2 French exchange students, Danielle Seraphin and Vivienne White.

River Stages

Performance stages seen from the bank of the Cumberland River where rescuers looked for Taylor after her kidnapping.  (14, p.259)

Nashville International Airport

Main airport off I-40 east of downtown Nashville.

John C. Tune Airport

Small aviation airport in West Nashville from which a drugged and kidnapped Taylor is flown to NYC.  (14, p.272)  Baldwin and Memphis fly back to DC from this airport as well.

Nine Mile Hill

A panoramic view of the city nine miles from the heart of Nashville.  (JK, p.79)

Radnor Lake

1200 acre nature preserve where the second victim of Gavin Adler, Leslie Horne, is found in Otter Creek.  (CR, p.177)

Edwin Warner Park

Where Saraya Gonzalez is found injured.  (14, p.154)

Natchez Trace Bridge

A massive concrete double-arched bridge on Hwy 96 West.  Near where Gavin Adler picked up Kendra Kelley.

Bluebird Café

Small strip-mall café famous for music performers.  Where Memphis’ mother took him as a child to hear John Hiatt.


Law & Order

Criminal Justice Center

Where Taylor works.

Forensic Medical Building

Where autopsies and forensics are performed by Taylor’s best friend Sam Loughley.  (APG, p.47)

FBI Middle Tennessee Field office

Baldwin’s Nashville office.  (APG, p.67)

TBI offices

Tennessee Bureau of Investigations  (JK, p.99)

Davidson County Sheriff’s Office

Where Taylor has a meeting with Todd Wolff and his attorney, Miles Rose.  (JK, p.223)

Riverbend Prison

Nashville’s men’s prison. Baldwin interviewed Nathan Chase; Quinn’s rapist and Reese’s father.  (APG, p.405)  Also housed there are Allegra Johnson’s father (CR, p125)  and sex offender Arnold Fay; ex-partner of Hugh Bangor.  (CR, p.138)

Old Tennessee State Prison

Where Win Jackson had served time.  Also, where Robert Redford shot “Last Castle.”



Baptist Hospital

Where Betsy Garrison, sec crimes detective, was hospitalized after her rape.  (APG, p.60)  Also where Saraya Gonzalez and a nurse were murdered.  (14, p.168)

Vanderbilt Hospital

Where Reese Connolly is a resident.  (APG, p.366)

Nashville Community Hospital

Where Southern Stranger victim Shauna Davidson did her practical work.  (APG, p.242)

Baptist Women’s Health Care Facility

Location of Corinne Wolff’s OB/GYN doctor,  Katie Wahlberg.  (JK, pp. 176,186)

Dr. Ellen Ricard’s office

Corinne’s therapist.  (JK, p.190)

Health Partners Home Office

In Franklin, it’s the link between the Southern Strangler’s victims.  (APG, pp. 254, 289)  Baldwin and Taylor interview Louis Sherwood about Jake Buckley’s travel. 


Father Ryan High School

Catholic school attended by Taylor and Sam  (APG, p.34), Quinn and Whitney Connolly (APG, p.34), and victim Giselle St. Clair.  (14, p.61)

Harpeth Hall Girls School

Upperclass girls school which Whitney and Quinn Connolly attended before their trauma  (APG, p. 197)  Also, 1986 victim of the Snow White Killer, Kristina Ratay was a student here.

Belmont University

In downtown Nashville, former students include Evelyn Santana, a 1987 victim of the Snow White Killer  (14, p 65), and Elizabeth Shaw, a new victim of the copycat killer.  (14, p.44)

Vanderbilt University

Also in downtown Nashville, Todd and Corinne Wolff were both students here.  She was a cheerleader, he a basketball player.  (JK, p.134)



The Tennessean

Reporters include lazy Lee Mayfield (APG, p.249), kidnap victim Jane Macias (14, p.105), Taylor's high school friend Amy Hendricks  (JK, 143), and retired Frank Richardson (14, p.102)  Jane’s roommate Daphne is an archivist here.  (14, p.121)

Channel 5

Nashville’s CBS affiliate.  Top reporter Whitney Connolly worked here.

Channel 4

Nashville’s NBC affiliate.  Working here are reporter Laura McPherson  (APG, p.169) and Cynthia Williams  (CR, p.252) and anchor Demetria Kalodimos  (CR, p.252)

Channel 2

Nashville’s ABC affiliate

Channel 17

Nashville’s Fox affiliate.  Reporter Cindy Carter works here.  (CR, p.194)


Eats, etc.


At Harding and White Bridge.  Where Taylor and Sam meet for coffee.  (APG, p.199)

Bongo Java

A coffee shop near Belmont University from which the Southern Strangler sent his last email.  Artist Isabella  gave Taylor her sketch of him here.  (APG, p.373)

SATCO - San Antonio Taco Company

Great Vanderbilt located mexican food

City Limits

A New York style deli near Taylors home.  (14, p.96)

Le Peep    

Eclectic breakfast and lunch place where Taylor meets Frank Richardson. 

Rippy’s BBQ 

Legendary honky tonk.  (14, p.142)

Radius 10    

Nouveau Nashville restaurant.  Baldwin and Taylor eat together here.  (14, p.143)

Mere Bulles    

Taylor's favorite late night haunt recently moved from 2nd Avenue to Brentwood.  (14, p.143)


An Italian restaurant where the wedding rehearsal dinner was held.  (14, p.232)

Las Palmas    

A Mexican restaurant where Taylor and Fitz meet to discuss the Wolff case.  (JK, p.118)

Bobbie’s Dairy Dip  

Taylor and Sam went here as kids.  Taylor stops by here for ice cream on her way to St. Ann’s church.  (JK, p.306)

Tin Angel    

Where Taylor was having dinner with Sam until she was called away to Love Hill.  (CR, p.15)


A fusion satay grill and one of Taylor’s favorite restaurants.  She meets Baldwin and reunites with Lincoln and Marcus here.  (CR, p.141)

Ruth’s Chris

An upscale steakhouse at Loew’s Vanderbilt Hotel.  Taylor ate here with Baldwin and Memphis, who kept flirting with her.  (CR, p.237)




Bar where Jane Macias is drugged and kidnapped.  (14, p.106)  Taylor has her bachelorette party here.  (14, p.179)  Jerry the bartender confirms that all four copycat murderer victims have been here.  (14, p.211)


The strip club next to Control  (14, p.106)   Baldwin’s bacherlor party is here.  (14, p.179)

Déjà Vu    

Strip club where Jasmine worked before she cleaned up her life and became a massage therapist and Taylor’s informant.  (JK, p.229)



Hermitage Hotel

Taylor stayed here the night before her wedding.  (14, p.241)  Also, this is where the limo driver kidnapped her.  (14, p.250)

Marriott Renaissance Hotel    

Charlotte Douglas’s body was found here.  (14, p.346)

Loew’s Vanderbilt Hotel

Where Memphis stayed while in Nashville.  (CR, p.156)

St. George’s Episcopal Church

The church where Taylor’s and Baldwin’s wedding was to take place.  (14, p.251)

St. Ann’s Catholic Church

This is where Taylor meets with Jasmine’s friend Thalia to learn about Todd Wolff’s films.  (JK, p.305)

Entrance to Bellemeade Blvd.

Where the two bronze thoroughbreds stand and where Whitney Connelly wrecked her car and died.  (APG, p.165)

YMCA Maryland Farms

Where rape victim Lucy Johnson and 3 other victims worked out.  (APG, p.191) 

YMCA McCrory Lane    

Where Gavin Adler works out.  (CR, p.10)

Middleton Gated Community   

Where Taylor takes down the Rainman, Norville Turner.  (APG, p.320)

Iroquois Apartments    

Where Frank Richardson is found dead.  (14, p.224)

Castle Salon & Day Spa    

Where Taylor gets massages from Jasmine Allons, a former stripper and sometime informant.

Davis-Kidd Bookstore

Where Taylor looks for the Picasso Monograph like the one missing a page in Hugh Bangor’s house.