Best Links of the Week


The Business Rusch: A Tale of Two Royalty Statements  (Lots of good info on accounting of royalties)

Writer Unboxed » Social Media Suicide  (Many great points here for new writers, and experienced ones, too. It's just so easy to overdue the self promotion…)

Steven Pressfield Lighten The Load  (LOVE this concept of minimalism for writers. Less is definitely more)

The Kill Zone “I” is for Integrity: Sue Grafton and the Self-Publishing Blowback (Classy response from a classy chick)

Book Reviewers for Hire Meet a Demand for Online Raves (Paying for reviews is cheating, plain and simple. UGH!)

Fake book reviews are rife on internet, authors warn - Telegraph  (Bravo to those who uncovered & condemned!)

And to end on a happier note: Love Scrabble or Words with Friends? Check this out! Reflections on the Winning Board of the 2012 Scrabble Nationals