Want to read your shiny new ebook on your computer?

  1. Download the Kindle for PC program (or, if you have a Mac, the Kindle for Mac app).
  2. Visit the THE OMEN DAYS download page, and click “Get My FREE Book."
  3. When asked “What do you like to read on?” click “My Computer.”
  4. On the “Download Your Book” screen, click “Download MOBI file.” Your book should begin downloading immediately.
  5. When the book is finished downloading, click on the “The Omen Days A Christmas Ghost Story – J.T. Ellison.mobi” file (you can find this file in your computer's Downloads folder). When you click on this file, the Kindle program should launch automatically, and you can enjoy the book at your leisure.
Still stuck? Email Assistant Amy (amy@jtellison.com), and she'll help you out.